Zong SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong is one of the leading cellular network companies in Pakistan. Since 2008 they have tried their best to provide high-quality services to their customers. It offers a wide range of Zong SMS Packages on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. Zong is a China-based Pakistani mobile company that has more than 40 million subscribers. It offers a wide range of 2G, 3G and 4G services to its users at cheap rates. Their slogan is “A New Dream” which shows that Zong wants to bring innovation to the modern era’s cellular world.

Zong was the first company in Pakistan to introduce cheap SMS services to its customers. Before Zong’s Daily SMS Bundle, SMS rates were very high and they introduced the best SMS Packages to make a breakthrough in Pakistan’s cellular industry. After this, all other networks started following Zong SMS Packages and SMS rates were brought down because of Zong. Now every Pakistani user has access to free SMS offers and its credit goes to Zong.

Zong SMS Packages

Zong has a wide range of SMS Packages for its Prepaid customers. Now Zong SMS Bundles have been classified into Daily, Weekly, 15 Days, Monthly and 3 Months Bundles. After introducing its first cheap Daily SMS Package, Zong has worked well to bring Weekly and Monthly SMS Bundles for its subscribers who don’t want to subscribe to the Daily SMS Package again and again. There are different categories of SMS Packages and you can select your desired bundle to “Say it All” with the Zong service. Check out the best of Packages offered by Zong in different categories and subscribe to one that suits you the most by just dialing a subscription code.

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 Zong Daily SMS Packages

Zong offers some flexible Daily SMS Packages to its subscribers. If you are an introvert and don’t want to subscribe to long Weekly and Monthly bundles, you can go to Zong Daily Bundle to enjoy limited Daily access to SMS service. If you are an extrovert and looking for unlimited daily access to Zong SMS Bundle then have a go at Zong’s cheap offers to enjoy the best unlimited daily messaging services. All the best Zong Daily SMS bundles have been mentioned below.

Package  Volume Price Validity Activation
Zong Daily SMS Package + WhatsApp 500 SMS/ 30 MBs WhatsApp Data Rs. 7 (Incl. Tax) 1 Day Sub to 700

We recommend you Zong Daily SMS Package + WhatsApp offering you 500 SMS along with 30 MBs of WhatsApp Data in just Rs. 7 (Incl. Tax). To Subscribe to this bundle simply send “Sub” to 700 and reply with 1. If you want to Unsubscribe from this bundle then “Unsub” to 700.

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

We will talk about Zong Weekly SMS Packages, which can help you stay in contact with your friends and family. Zong has some incredible Weekly Bundles for contacting people without any limitations. These Weekly Bundles are mainly used because they are very cheap.

Package  Volume Price Validity Activation
Zong Weekly SMS Package + WhatsApp 1300 SMS/ 200 MBs WhatsApp Data 32 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days *702#

The recommended one is the Zong Weekly SMS Package + WhatsApp which offers you 1300 SMS and 200 MBs of WhatsApp Data for 7 Days. You can subscribe to this bundle for Rs. 32 (Incl. Tax) by dialing *702# and Unsubscribe by sending “Unsub” to 700.

Zong 15 Days SMS Packages

Unlike other networks, Zong has introduced 15 Days SMS Packages for its customers. If you are interested in 15 Days bundles then you are at the right place. We have shared complete details about Zong 15 Days SMS where you can select your desired bundle.

Package Volume Price Validity Activation
Jazz 15 Days SMS Package 10000 SMS per day 149 (Incl. Tax) 15 Days Sub to 701

Zong 15 Days SMS bundle allows you to send 1000 SMS per day for all the local networks in Pakistan is Rs. 149 (Incl. Tax). To Subscribe to this bundle send “Sub” to 701 and Unsubscribe send “Unsub” to 701.

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Zong provides Monthly SMS Packages to its subscribers who want to stay in contact with their loved ones all the time. If you are concerned about your pocket, you can go to Zong Monthly SMS Bundles. Zong provides some Monthly Bundles that can be subscribed to at cheap rates with many SMS that can be sent anywhere in Pakistan.

Package Volume Price Validity Activation
Zong Monthly SMS Package + WhatsApp 500 SMS per Day/ 30 MBs Data per Day 75 (Incl. Tax) 30 Days *705#

Zong Monthly SMS Package + WhatsApp Offers 500 SMS and 30 MBs of WhatsApp Data per day in Rs. 75 (Incl. Tax) for 30 Days. Simply dial *705# or send “Sub” to 700 and reply with 4 to Subscribe to this bundle. To Unsubscribe send “Unsub” to 700.

Zong 3 Months SMS Packages

There is another positive step by Zong as it has introduced 3 Months bundles for its subscribers. If you are looking for something bigger than Monthly Bundle then this can be suitable for you. Select your desired 3 Months SMS Bundle to get rid of Daily, Weekly and Monthly SMS Subscriptions.

Package  Volume Price Validity Activation
Zong Gold 3 Months Power Pack 300 SMS / 8 GBs Data / 800 Zong Mins / 200 Off-Net Mins 1000 (Incl. Tax) 3 Months *1313#

Zong Gold Pre-Load 3 Months Power Pack SIM bundle allows you to get 300 SMS, 8 GBs of Internet Data, 800 Zong to Zong Minutes and 200 Off-Net Minutes for other networks for Rs. 1000 (Incl. Tax). You can activate this bundle for 3 months by dialing *1313#.

If you aren’t thoroughly satisfied with Jazz and look to switch to any other network for better rates and services then take a look at these SMS Packages offered by other networks. These are some amazing SMS Packages offered by Jazz, Telenor and Ufone for their customers.

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