Warid SMS Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Warid being a part of Jazz now offers some amazing offers for its customers. It has many users and they simply love to be a part of this cellular network. We will discuss some amazing Warid SMS Packages which have been classified into Daily, Weekly and Monthly categories.

These days some people still like to send SMS messages to their loved ones. Text messaging is a very useful way of communication as it helps you to express your feelings without getting shy. It’s quite easier to explain a few things which cannot be done that easily without messaging. It’s the cheapest way to convey your message in no time.

Warid SMS Packages

SMS is the most famous model of communication among the people of the present era. Many people don’t bother to make voice calls and they feel comfortable communicating via text messaging. Because of all this, Warid also provides some cheap SMS packages to its subscribers at a very low cost. You can get a large number of messages in a bundle which can be sent according to the validity of the specific package. Let’s take a look at the different packages offered by Warid prepaid.

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Warid Daily SMS Packages

If you don’t like to text regularly and you want to use a text messaging service once in a blue moon then subscribe to Daily packages offered by Warid prepaid to start texting when it’s required. Take a look at the daily bundles to choose the best one.

Warid Daily SMS Package with WhatsApp

Now in this daily SMS package, Warid gives you 1800 Messages along with 10 MBs of WhatsApp Data. If you want to subscribe to this bundle then use *334# for Rs. 7.17 (Incl. Tax).

Warid Weekly SMS Packages

Are you fed up with expensive daily bundles and looking for an economical weekly package on a lower budget? Finally, you can subscribe to Weekly bundles offered by Warid to stay connected with your social circle at a lower cost. In this way, keep yourself around your fans from around the country.

Warid Weekly SMS Package with WhatsApp

After that daily bundle now Warid gives you a Weekly SMS Package for Rs. 21 (Incl. Tax) and its offers 1500 SMS along with 25 MBs of WhatsApp Data. To subscribe to this bundle simply dial *101*1*07#.

Warid Monthly SMS Packages

Now Warid allows you to subscribe to the cheapest monthly bundles for the next 30 days. It is very useful because it lowers the budget you can get a large number of text messages for the whole month. Warid also wants to make sure that it keeps its users connected with the members of other networks also.

Warid Monthly SMS Package with WhatsApp IMO Facebook BiP

I like the Warid network because it offers the best Monthly SMS bundle carrying 12000 SMS for 30 days along with 7 GBs of Social Data for WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook & BiP. You can get subscribe to this bundle by using *661# in Rs. 129 (Incl. Tax).

In other words, Warid offers the best packages along with the best quality network. If you are looking for plans from other networks, then have a look at these:

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